Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History Internship

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Institute of Maritime History (IMH)
Autumn 2013
IMH is a volunteer, tax-exempt, educational society devoted to underwater archaeology and maritime historical research. Our field operations are based at Tall Timbers in southern Maryland. Our board of directors includes three professional underwater archaeologists and two experienced avocationals. Beneficiaries of our work include the State Historic Preservation Officers in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Florida; the US
Marine Corps Base Quantico VA; Mount Vernon; Syracuse University; and others.

We want interns to develop and implement a publicity campaign in the Washington DC area to publicize our work in order to attract active new members and private funding. The campaign should include graphic arts and media. Interns would participate in archaeological fieldwork during the summer and fall to understand the nature of our activities.
Fieldwork includes scanning with sidescan sonar and magnetometer, diving with SCUBA gear to map the sites, and reporting the sites to State Historic Preservation Officers. Our plans for fieldwork in 2013 include the following:


For more information please email david.howe@maritimehistory.org or phone (302)-222-4721.

P.O. Box 108
Tall Timbers MD 20690