Call for Papers: Battle for the Atlantic.

In conjunction with the annual McMullen Naval History Symposium occurring 18-20 September, 2013, at Annapolis, MD, the Naval Order of the U.S. (NOUS), National Capital Commandery (NCC), is sponsoring a separate panel to review issues pertinent the 1939-1945 Battle for the Atlantic. A prize for best presentation will be awarded by the NOUS, National Capital Commandery.
Topics presented should focus on issues related to anti-submarine warfare (ASW) tactics, techniques, procedures against the German U-boats, ASW research and development, psychological factors, ASW doctrine and training, command and control, the role of intelligence, naval leadership during the ASW campaign (tactically, operationally and strategically) , Allied/coalition/joint contributions to the U-boat campaign, etc. during the period 1939-1945.
Authors selected will be given a 45-minute period to present their research/findings during the Panel discussions. Papers must not exceed twenty-five (25) pages and be in standard graduate paper/publishing style and format.
Deadline for submission of Paper Proposals and Abstracts (not to exceed 250-words) and a one-page Curriculum Vitae is 30 May, 2013. Email proposals to CAPT John Rodgaard, or CDR John Hooper, at, respectively. Selectees will be notified by 15 June with the deadline for Paper submissions being 1 August, 2013.
Information on the 2013 McMullen Symposium can be found on line at Specific inquiries can be directed to CAPT Rodgaard/CDR Hooper, Dr. Lori Bogle, or CDR Chris Rentfrow at