Diving Job at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

We are seeking a scuba diver to assist with summer and fall field work (May or June through November). Tasks include deploying, maintaining, testing, and programming acoustic Doppler current meters, current profilers, CTDs, GPS survey systems, and pressure recorders. The field deployments will involve frequent day trips from Woods Hole, MA, to Martha’s Vineyard, and about 1.5 months in North Carolina in shared living quarters. 

To learn more about our research, see: http://science.whoi.edu/users/elgar/main.html

Current SCUBA certification and/or significant experience swimming in surf is preferred. Must become an AAUS certified research diver (i.e., pass the WHOI dive course), and must be comfortable working in water with strong currents, large waves, and low visibility. Experience with operating small boats (inflatables, RIBs, jetskis, hovercraft) in the surfzone or in estuaries is desirable. Ability to drive a pickup truck with trailer and launch and recover boats is preferred. Comfort with minor repair to small boats and motors is desirable. Previous experience with nearshore field projects (staging, packing, shipping, deploying, maintaining, recovering sensors)  and/or experience using computers (Word, Excel, MatLab) are pluses.
Interested candidates should apply online at: http://jobs.whoi.edu (See Research Positions, Research Assistant I, Job Reference 13-03-01).

Britt Raubenheimer & Steve Elgar
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution