1 March 2013

1) Archivist, National Maritime Museum, closes March 22

2) Executive Director, Hudson River Maritime Museum (re-advertised)

3) Curator, Hong Kong Maritime Museum

4) PhD Fellowship, The participation of the Italian merchants to the commerce with America in the XVIth Century.

The Spanish sovereigns kept for their subjects the profits of the colonial trade. Still, there were recurrent exceptions. Some foreign merchants, particularly Genoeses and Florentines, took part in massive way to the financing of the commercial and maritime activities between Spain and America. The aim of this research is to find in the archives of their towns of origin, sources on the Italian merchants, shipowners and bankers who traded with America in the XVIth Century.

Naval Expertise and the Making of the Modern World
Wolfson College, University of Oxford
10-11 May 2013

This conference examines the generation of expertise in naval contexts and traces how such developments helped shape the modern world.  Expertise will be considered not only as knowledge but also as methods and practices central to the evolution of modern nation states and empires.
In the search for useful knowledge and in answering the demands of global infrastructure, navies have not only pursued military aims, but have also encouraged the formation of other areas of expertise, whether medical, technological, or bureaucratic. Recent research has identified navies as forerunners of modern scientific research, social disciplinary practices, and political economy for instance. This conference will explore such developments comparatively and consider their influence in the early modern and modern periods. By exploring how issues such as social welfare, professionalization and industrialization shaped and were shaped by naval institutions and innovations, this inter-disciplinary conference will link scholarship on naval infrastructure with research on the origins of the modern world.
Speakers and discussants include Dr Eric H. Ash (Wayne State), Dr William J. Ashworth (Liverpool), Dr Maria Fusaro (Exeter), Prof. N. A. M. Rodger (Oxford), and Prof. Mark Harrison (Oxford).
Registration is now open.  More details can be found at www.navalexpertise.com.