Archeologist, NOAA National Ocean Service, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary

This position will be located in the National Ocean Services (NOS), Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS), Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (MNMS), located in Newport News, VA.

Closes November 5th, apply today.

The individual selected for this position will: * Lead and conduct technical studies to inventory, assess and characterize heritage resources and cultural landscapes.  

*Conduct regulatory oversight of activities that may impact maritime heritage resources. * Develop and coordinate education, outreach, and science activities related to maritime heritage. *Carry out the policies and purposes of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, relevant Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders. *Conduct underwater research, including scuba diving and/or use of specialized underwater research technology. *Conduct scuba diving investigations of maritime heritage resources and conduct remote sensing and remotely operated vehicle surveys as appropriate in support of this work. *Conduct historical research to document historic resources in and around the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. *Coordinates the preparation and submission of site nomination forms for the National Register of Historic Places (includes properties) in coordination with state and site managers and partner agencies.