Educator Outreach at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Huron Pines AmeriCorps is now accepting applications for a educator outreach position at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Closes November 26, 2012. 
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the nation’s only freshwater sanctuary, protects one of America’s best-preserved and historically significant collections of submerged archaeological sites. In partnership with the AmeriCorps program, we are able to offer a rewarding full-time opportunity for an individual to help our organization fulfill its mission through enhanced education and outreach efforts. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to help with outreach and educational programming to reach the diverse groups that use Thunder Bay NMS. To fill this position, we will be looking for someone who thrives in a dynamic environment and is able to manage multiple tasks and communicate very well through both public speaking and writing. A successful candidate should also be comfortable working with diverse audiences both indoors and outdoors.