15 June 2012

1) Collections Inventory and Research Assistant, National Mississippi River Museum, closes 29 June

2) PhD Studentships, Queen Mary, University of London, Maritime History, closes 29 June

3) US Coast Guard, Chief of Drawings and Graphics Support Section, closes 28 June

 The incumbent serves as the Chief of the Drawings and Graphics Support Section, Technical Information Management Branch, ESD.  The incumbent oversees the preparation, publishing, and management of 220,000 technical engineering drawings for the USCG fleet; and includes the coordination, monitoring, distribution, storage, and retirement of these drawings.
Typical work assignments include:
-Reviews, edits, amends, maintains, issues, and otherwise manages the distribution of all Naval Engineering technical drawings relating to the maintenance of naval Engineering systems on all classes of cutters and standard boats.
-Maintains Information Handling Services cassettes, CD-ROM disks and operating system for national, international, and military specification, vendor catalog services, Naval directives and instructions, industry standards, and EPA standards. –Coordinates and plans for the retirement and storage of Technical cutter and boat plans with the Coast Guard Historian as cutters and boats are removed from inventory.