27 April 2012

1) Shoreline Management Specialist, NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources, closes 4 May

This position provides policy, planning and analysis support to the Coastal Resources Commission, Coastal Resources Advisory Council, and DCM staff on a variety of issues and special projects.  The position is responsible for researching state of the art changes in science and management approaches as they relate to coastal and ocean management issues, with an emphasis on estuarine and ocean shoreline analysis. This position has specific responsibility for providing technical expertise as it relates to evaluating rules and policies addressing coastal hazards and geologic/oceanographic processes.  The position provides technical analysis to the Division and Coastal Resources Commission on a variety of shoreline management projects that involve the Inlet Hazard and Ocean Hazard Areas of Environmental Concern including rule development, preparation of the Division’s justifications and fiscal analyses of proposed rules. The position has a contributing role in ensuring that the Coastal Resources Commission’s proposed and amended rules capture the Commission’s intent, are internally consistent, and are prepared in compliance with enabling statutes and the NC Administrative Procedures Act (APA).  The position provides technical assistance and analysis related to the review and permitting of beach nourishment projects including post-project monitoring, and adherence to permit conditions.  The position will also provide technical input and analysis to support implementation of the NC Beach and Inlet Management Plan. This position also provides the primary staff support to the CRAC. Some field work and travel is necessary.

2) Archival Intern, National Museum of the Pacific War, closes 15 May

3) Temporary Lecturer in History, US Coast Guard Academy, job starts July 30

4) Archivist, Department of the Navy, closes 30 April