Staff Archaeologist, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Office of the Public Service Commission
PO Box 90 – Majuro – Marshall Islands – 96960
Phone No. (692) 625-8298/8498/ 8697 – Fax No. (692) 625-3382
The Public Service Commission is accepting applications for the following position:
POSITION TITLE: Staff Archaeologist
GRADE & SALARY: $36,000 – 42,000 Per Annum
FRINGE BENEFITS: Housing Allowance, Sick and Vacation Leaves, Life & Health Insurance.  Travel to duty station and return to point of Recruitment.
MINISTRY: Internal Affairs                                          

DUTIES:  Serves as the Republic’s technical expert on archaeology and historic preservation.  The Archaeologist will guide or assist the Historic Preservation Office in the following activities: Head the archaeological compliance program of the Historic Preservation Act of 1991.  Train Historic Preservation Office staff in archaeology and cultural resource management to enable them to be as knowledgeable, self-sufficient and self-directed as possible in carrying out their mission.  Developing, coordinating and carrying out plans for archaeological underwater and terrestrial surveys and test excavations including the preparation and delivery of final reports.  Establishing and maintain standardized cultural resource inventories and registration system.  Monitoring ground disturbing projects.  Assessing the condition and evaluating the significance of a variety of cultural resources, including terrestrial and underwater cultural resources. Historic preservation planning.  Designing and managing cultural resources databases.  Ensuring compliance with Section 106 of the U.S. National Historic Preservation Act with regard to U.S. federal undertakings in the Republic of the Marshall islands.  Research onducted or supervised by the Archaeologist shall meet the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation.  Reporting publications, audiovisual materials, and training and public information materials produced by the Archaeologist in the course of his/her duty shall include the required acknowledgment of NPS financial support, the required NPS/Interior disclaimer statement, and the required U.S. Government non-discrimination statement.  One copy of any publication must be approved by the RMI HPO and the National Park Service. Also provides oversight/collaborates with the cultural resouce management program at the U.S. Army at Kwajalein Atoll.
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from a recognized college or university with a Master degree in Anthropology, Archaeology or related field.  Plus at least three (3) years professional experience in the fields.  Or, any combination of education and experience which may be acceptable to the Public Service Commission.
FILING INSTRUCTIONS: Secure application forms from the Public Service Commission’s Office.  Completed applications and resumes must be received at the Public Service Commission Office in Majuro and Ebeye.