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Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 2011 Scholarship

Posted in Uncategorized by underwaterarchaeologyjobs on June 28, 2011

AIMA is pleased to announce the 2011 AIMA Scholarship for maritime archaeological research projects. The investigation or project must be consistent with the objectives of AIMA and the work must have a benefit/application to maritime archaeology in Australasia. The award recipient should be resident within Australia or New Zealand for the duration of the project. 

A total of up to $2000 will be awarded. AIMA may choose to partially fund more than one project from these monies in 2011.  A condition of the AIMA Scholarship is that the recipient(s) are required to publish a peer-reviewed paper either in the AIMA Bulletin, or as an AIMA Special Publication.

The Application Packet is now available on the AIMA website. Applications must be forwarded to the AIMA Scholarship Chair by 30 June 2011 to be eligible for this award.

For applications and queries, contact the AIMA Scholarship Chair: Emily Jateff (ejateff@history.sa.gov.au)


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