Volunteer Maritime Archaeology Project

The 2011 Field Season of the Mazotos Wreck Project, Cyprus

Beginning in November 2007, the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus (under Dr Stella Demesticha) in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, has carried out an underwater project at a shipwreck on Cyprus¹s south coast, 14 miles southwest of Larnaca. Its cargo consists mainly of Chian amphoras and has been dated provisionally to the 3rd quarter of the 4th century BC.  The main visible feature of the site is an oblong concentration of amphoras on a sandy, almost flat seabed. The previous field seasons were devoted to the mapping of the site, mainly using photogrammetry.

The 1st full excavation season took place in May 2010, with very successful results. For the 2nd season (2011), we plan to continue digging and investigate more parts of the assemblage.

For volunteers who wish to participate, here are the basic practical aspects of the project:

1. DATES: 8th May ­ 25 June 2011. All participants are asked to stay for a minimum of two weeks.

1. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: as the needs of the project in human resources are diverse, both divers and non­divers are welcome:
 1. maritime archaeologists
 2. surveyors and mapping specialists
 3. conservators
 4. computer specialists
 5. technicians
 6. experienced divers willing to assist in archaeological work
 7. people with experience in field projects
 8. students in related fields (archaeology, conservation, anthropology,computers, mapping systems)

1. DIVING. Due to the depth (-45 m) and the distance from the shore (approx 1.5 mile), we have to be twice as careful with diving and safety. So,
a.     Diving Qualifications: Because all dives are planned as decompression dives (with Nitrox mixtures up to 100%) the minimum qualifications are Advanced NITROX and Decompression procedures.
b.     Decompression Chamber: The team members have immediate access to a Decompression Chamber Unit in Larnaca, the closest city to the wreck site (maximum 30 min). The chamber will be on standby during the project.
c.     Equipment. Each member is asked to bring their own: wet or dry suit, regulators (DIN preferably), BCD, mask, fins, gloves, knife. The average water temperature is expected to be 18-20° C.
d.     Program. The plan is decided by the Chief Divers of the project. We dive once a day.
e.     Insurance. All divers should be covered by an insurance program, which covers the diving required for the project: E.g. DAN Sports Diver Silver membership (THIS covers dives beyond 40 m.) or equivalent.

4.    EXPENSES: The project offers full accommodation and daily meals.

Please send your CV and the dates that you can participate in the project as soon as possible to:  Stella Demesticha: demesticha@ucy.ac.cy  Anna Demetriou: info@thetis.org.cy