Cities Under the Sea (CUSP) Program Internships

The Smithsonian’s Cities Under the Sea (CUSP) program seeks interns, Fall applications are due before October 1.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Geoarchaeological study of submerged Greek and Roman ancient sites in the Mediterranean (Egypt and Calabria, Italy).

QUALIFICATIONS: Junior and Senior undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Post-doctoral level candidates, preferably with a science and archaeology double-major and/or training.

TIMETABLE: Minimal Internship stay for 12 full weeks (3 months) at NMNH in Washington, D.C.; internships can be extended for up to 12 months. Can start in Fall, or Winter-Spring or Summer periods.

NMNH Contact: Jean-Daniel Stanley Phone: 202-633-1354 E-mail:

Complete description of the internship program and contact information can be found here: