16 April 2010

1) National Historic Ships Coordinator, National Maritime Museum, closes April 29

2) Collections Internship
The Naval War College Museum, an official U.S. Navy museum located in Newport, Rhode Island, offers unpaid collections internships available year-round. The museum seeks a dedicated individual to assist in cataloging the artifact collection of swords, uniforms, artwork, ship models and personal items that interpret the history of naval activity in the Narragansett Bay region from the colonial period to the present, and the institutional history of the Naval War College since 1884. The intern will gain experience in artifact handling, archival storage methods, cataloging, artifact photography and other collections management practices. Some filing and data entry will be required. This project’s scope and schedule can be tailored to accommodate the needs of the student’s internship requirements. If you are interested, please contact Curator/Registrar John Pentangelo at 401-841-1296 or via email at john.pentangelo@usnwc.edu.

3) Living History Players, Naval Museum of Alberta, closes 1 June.

Job Title: Living History Players
Institution / Organization: Naval Museum of Alberta Society
Location: The Military Museums, Calgary AB
Closing Date: June 01, 2010
E-Mail: lorna@themilitarymuseums.ca
Fax number: 403-974-2858
Salary range: $13.50 per hour
Web link to Institution http://www.themilitarymuseums.ca

Job description:
The goal of the Living History Players is to provide interpretive programming to youth and visitors, acting as educators to the general public about Canada’s military history, with focus in 2010 on Canada’s Navy and their 100th Centennial celebration. Living History Players (LHP) will have the opportunity to utilize their research, drama and education skills to develop, write and perform a play for the public and school-age children, in honour of the 100th Centennial of the Canadian Navy. Each student will undertake the task of developing a historically accurate 15-minute play focusing on the 100th Centennial celebration of the Canadian Navy. This will include applying educational and interpretive skills, writing and learning a script, costuming the characters and building props and/or backdrop for the play. Performances of the play will be part of the museums Youth Adventure Program, a day-long program of fun, adventure and learning for youth aged 6-12, offered throughout the summer months. It will be the responsibility of the Living History Players to introduce youth and visitors to the past and the present day artefacts of Canada’s Naval history through interpretive and educational programs such as gallery tours and the hands-on artefact handling program. Living History Players will act as ambassadors to the museum overall and assist in special events, facilitate the museums Birthday Party program and assist in the processing of educational and interpretive booking requests. Living History Players will gain valuable knowledge of our military history and experience in adapting this knowledge as educational interpreters within a museum environment. Living History Players will be working directly under the Education Department staff. Dates and duration of employment are subject to successful grant application.
Students majoring in Education, History, Drama, and/or Museology would benefit.