Submerged Cultural Resources Class

Lake Mead NRA, Nevada, is offering a new Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) class focusing on damage assessments for underwater cultural resources. Assessment of damages to submerged cultural resources resulting from unauthorized acts are required in criminal or civil prosecutions of resulting violations of Federal laws or other lawsprotecting these resources.

Standards for the assessment of damages to cultural resources have been developed for use in criminal and civil cases
prosecuted under ARPA. Archeologists and agency managers who may be involved in submerged cultural resource cases should know how damages to these resources are assessed, according to these accepted ARPA standards.

Topics covered in the class include:
   Submerged cultural resource damage assessment procedures
   Determination of archeological value and cost of restoration and repair
      (including the Society for American Archaeology “Professional Standards for the Determination of Archaeological Value”)
   Damage assessment report preparation
   The role of the archeologist in litigation
   Legal issues in archeological cases

The class will be held in the park June 7-11, 2010. The damage assessment training will be conducted in a class room setting; no actual diving is involved.

The registration deadline for the class is close of business on Friday, May 7, 2010.  To register for the class, contact Martin McAllister 406-239-1874 or co-instructor Larry Murphy 850-814-6011.