Free Public Lecture

RMS Titanic: Protection, Preservation & Peril
Free public lecture to focus on the wreck of the RMS Titanic and how best to
preserve it for future generations.
One of the world’s foremost authorities on the legal issues surrounding the
protection and preservation of the RMS Titanic will deliver a free public
lecture on the subject at Bournemouth University next month.
Ole Varmer of the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will visit BU on Tuesday, 13 April, to present

RMS Titanic: Protection, Preservation & Peril

at 6.00pm in the Allsebrook Lecture Theatre. The lecture is free and open to anyone from the campus and local communities. Varmer, an attorney-adviser to the NOAA’s Office of General Counsel for international Law, is primarily responsible for providing advice on cultural and historic resources, maritime zones and boundaries, coastal zone management, ocean dumping and polar issues. His presentation will focus on
whether Titanic is in “marine peril‟ and he will explore the issues of in
situ preservation to consider whether it remains the best solution for
protecting this iconic wreck.

The lecture is organised by Paola Palma, Lecturer in Marine Archaeology and Programme Leader for the University’s Masters degree in Maritime
Archaeology. Both Palma and Varmer will speak on “in situ‟ preservation of
shipwrecks at the Institute of Archaeologists annual conference in Southport (14-16 April). Prior to the lecture on 13 April, Palma and her colleagues will display a number of artefacts raised from the Swash Channel Wreck, discovered off the Dorset Coast. BU is working to preserve the wreck, which dates from about 1620, in situ with a longer-term hope of bringing substantial pieces of wreckage from the Swash to the surface for further study and conversation.

During the lecture, Varmer will examine the international and domestic law
that applies to Titanic, including the international agreement to protect
the wreckage, the NOAA Guidelines on the Exploration, Research and Salvage of Titanic, and the Law of the Sea.

He will also look forward to the year 2012 which will be the 100th
anniversary of the sinking of Titanic and the same year in which the
wreckage will come within the definition of “underwater cultural heritage”
under the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural
Heritage. As the US, the UK and other nations are not party to this
Convention, what, if anything, does this anniversary mean for the protection and preservation of RMS Titanic.
To reserve your place at this free public lecture, please email: Light refreshments will be available prior to the lecture at 5.15pm and free to all who attend.