Marine and Maritime Archaeology Session

43rd Annual Meeting
Canadian Archaeological Association
April 28 – May 2, 2010
Calgary, Alberta

 Session title:

Marine and Maritime Archaeologies: Putting the Coast Back in Coastal

Session abstract:
For most regions of the world, including all of North America, the practices of marine and maritime archaeology remain fractured and marginalized. As a consequence, these sub-disciplines exist at the boundaries of the mainstream, even in regions where coastal cultures are the primary research focus. Thus, for many areas the ‘maritime’ archaeological record is represented almost exclusively by terrestrial or ‘dry’ sites, to the exclusion of intertidal, subtidal, and other aquatic landscapes. Having recognized this, archaeologists are increasingly turning to marine and maritime archaeologies to enhance their understanding of human-environment interaction at the land-water interface. For this session, we invite papers that work towards bridging the disconnect that exists between ‘terrestrial’, ‘coastal’, ‘maritime’, and ‘marine’ archaeologies, especially through new research and the use of multidisciplinary and novel approaches.

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