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Maritime History Symposium

Posted in 1 by underwaterarchaeologyjobs on November 4, 2009

Call For Papers

Walker Maritime History Symposium,

Maine Maritime Museum, April 10, 2010 Maine Maritime Museum invites proposals for papers relating to the largest vessels ever built. We intend a debate regarding the largest wooden ship ever built and need advocates (or critics) for Wyoming, Great Republic, Columbus, Baron of Renfrew, Caligula’s barge, HMS Orlando, HMS Mersey, the Chinese ships of 1421, or any others. Proposals for presentations on non-wood vessels of extreme size and modern ship construction are also welcomed. Informal proposals must be sent by November 30, 2009, to Senior Curator Nathan R. Lipfert, lipfert@MaritimeMe.org, or at Maine Maritime Museum, 243 Washington Street, Bath ME, 04530, USA.

Nathan R. Lipfert, Senior Curator Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington Street Bath, Maine 04530 207-443-1316, ext 328, fax 207-443-1665 www.mainemaritimemuseum.org lipfert@maritimeme.org


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