For-profit Venture/Salvage: Marine Archaeologist needed

We are searching for a marine archeologist to work in Ecuador, South America to be responsible for our project . We offer a salary and will cover travel expenses  as well as housing. See below for a description of our project.


 Hernando Velasquez


 To whom it may concern,

 Our Ecuadorian company Dunusi S.A. has been searching for shipwrecks off the coast of Ecuador for the past five years with concessions granted by the Ecuadorian government. During this period of time we have been working off the Peninsula of Santa Helena close to the city of Salinas in the Pacific Ocean. We have done the historical studies in the archives of Seville (Spain), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia) and Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador regarding Spanish shipwrecks. We have information about the locations of these ships off the coast of Ecuador and have done sonar studies and other various surveys. Recently, the government of Ecuador has issued new regulations regarding the study of sunken ships, and they are now considered national heritage.   The regulations state that a marine archeologist should join the project with our company and also that they remain on site in charge of the salvage operations.

We seek a marine archeologist that is willing to come to Ecuador for at least a one year contract.  You will live in the city of Salinas, which is close to the current site.  We do need however someone that speaks Spanish.  We offer a salary and will cover travel expenses  as well as your housing.

 Please feel free to contact us  to : with any questions.


Note from JMB: Ecuador is a signatory to the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage that took effect on  2 January 2009, hence the new regulations from Ecuador for the current salvage operation described above.  Apply as you see fit for yourself. I inform, you decide.