Artifact Conservator, Steamboat Bertrand

Museum Specialist, closes 27 March

The incumbent will be required to work as a vital part of the ongoing efforts to conserve artifacts from the Streamboat Bertrand.   Responsibility for entering all pertinent data into a computerized catalog records system known as the Automated National Catalog System, as well as seeing that all museum documents are properly maintained in individual catalog and treatment folders and that all digital photographic records are properly saved, labeled and filed.  Conserve a large and diverse collection of sensitive objects, but with a special emphasis on inventorying, identifying, cleaning, preparing and transporting fragile museum objects from the museum collection that require major conservation treatment.  Upgrade the housing of the objects, assuring the physical security of the collection, conducting routine preventive conservation projects, implement the museum maintenance plan, photographing objects, monitor and document the storage and work environments; maintain the refuge research library, work with interns, volunteers and contractors to accomplish topical projects.