Scientist in the Maritime Human Element Center (MHEC) and the Marine Culture Heritage Centre (MCHC)

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) is seeking to recruit a qualified applicant on a part-time or full time, fixed term agreement, for the position of a Scientist in the Maritime Human Element Center (MHEC) and the Marine Culture Heritage Centre (MCHC), situated in Larnaka, Cyprus.

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute:

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI, is a Centre of Excellence for marine and maritime research, innovation and technology development and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and matching funding from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. The CMMI pulls together expertise from local universities and industry and international partners. 

Marine Culture Heritage Centre (MCHC)

MCHC aims at promoting our marine cultural heritage including the preservation and protection of valuable historical, cultural and archaeological resources. MCHC is involved in activities linked to submerged archaeological marine sites and coastal archaeology. It also encompasses cultural practices, artistic and linguistic expressions, local skills, traditional and historical knowledge relating to the marine and maritime sectors.

Maritime Human Element Center (MHEC)

MHEC covers various areas of the human element in the marine and maritime sectors including Safety, risk & regulation, Occupational psychology, Organizational behaviour, Ergonomics and human-computer interaction (HCI), Safety science, business and management theory, health sciences, legal aspects, sociology and anthropology. It also aims to bridge the gap between educational options available about the marine and maritime sectors and labour market needs, especially concerning technological developments and innovation.

Candidate profile:

We seek to recruit a visionary scientist with the desire and ability to undertake a range of multidisciplinary projects that will support research work at the CMMI. At this early developmental stage of the CMMI, there is a great incentive to collaborate towards forging the direction of the Institute and to capitalise on partnerships with local and international CMMI partners. We seek scientists/researchers who will be excited to explore a diverse range of topics and contribute to MHEC’s and/or MCHC’s growth. Successful candidates will contribute to CMMI projects, assist in the preparation of reports and deliverables, contribute to research proposals, author scientific reports, conference, and journal publications.

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