Franklin Expedition RFP

The Contractor will work collaboratively with Inuit knowledge-holders, community members and Parks Canada experts to summarize, conduct and share oral history research related to Inuit knowledge of the 1845 Franklin Expedition and the wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To conduct a bibliographical, archival and oral history research project into Inuit oral history of the 1845 Franklin expedition, and specifically the associated shipwreck sites of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror
  2. To produce professional interpretive materials—including video clips, audio clips, and a book—for Parks Canada on this topic. These materials will help Parks Canada present to the public a history of Inuit knowledge of the Franklin expedition, and will contribute to an understanding of the shipwreck sites as part of Inuit homelands.
  3. To provide opportunities for Inuit Elders to share their knowledge about the 1845 Franklin Expedition and to document that knowledge.
  4. To provide capacity-building opportunities for Inuit youth and adults related to oral history collection and presentation.

Post Doc

University of Nottingham

Project ‘Rising from the Depths: Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa to help develop sustainable social, economic and cultural benefits’ Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with a research interests in East African cultural heritage and/or development studies. Applicants should have a PhD in a related archaeology, heritage or development field.


Director NC Museum of the Albemarle

This position serves as the Director of the Museum of the Albemarle, in Elizabeth City, NC; one of the regional museums in the division. The job duties include:

  1. Overall administration and management of the staff and the museum facility, including budget preparation and management, day-to-day operations of the museum facility, and local staff personnel management.
  2. Lead the development of long-range and annual planning for the museum, and oversee the overall exhibition and program development of the museum, including developing exemplary exhibitions, programs and activities which make the full resources of the Museum accessible in the regional context.
  3. Lead effective program execution, coordination of consultations and service programs for other museums and cultural organizations of the region.
  4. Participate in fundraising activities, including grant writing, to raise funding for exhibits and programs and work closely with the Friends of the Museum support organization to promote the museum.
  5. Engage with community organizations and local, state and national governmental and educational organizations (Elizabeth City State University and United States Coast Guard) to promote the museum and create new programs and exhibits.
  6. Develop effective internal communications within the museum to keep the staff updated on museum and Department activities and develop external communications related to publicity, advertising, and the overall public and professional image of the museum.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively in both public and scholarly contexts through writing and public speaking.

AmeriCorps Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Post

VYDC-Lake Champlain Maritime Museum #2

AmeriCorps members are key players in our educational programs. Members teach and mentor students, lead school groups, create curricula and lead maritime adventure summer camps. Members encourage teamwork and model healthy lifestyle choices by teaching students fun ways to learn from and enjoy every aspect of the Lake Champlain watershed. Service ranges from rowing programs and snorkeling lessons, to communication with program partners, outreach to schools and teachers, and research of history and archaeology content. While carrying out varied responsibilities related to all departments of the museum, members contribute to creation of exhibits, organize and host events, and at times crew LCMM’s replica boats during off-site tours with educational groups. Minimum Age: 18. Reliable private transportation required; valid license. Send resume, cover letter, and contact information for 2 references. Must be able to swim.